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Welcome to the University of Auckland Art History Society.

Our mission is to provide an environment in which everyone has the opportunity to learn, discuss, experience and enjoy art and its history. Art history isn’t just another subject. We want to engage with and create relationships between our members, the University and real world cultural institutions. We love it, you’ll love it.

Join us for gallery tours and talks, behind the scenes visits, movie nights, wine, networking and being with a group of art lovers who know how to have a good time.

“We live in a country abundant in creativity”

Jacinda Ardern

The Executive

Megan Shaw


Megan is a current BA (Hons) student in Art History. She is interested in the experiences and depictions of women in Early Modern Europe, and is writing her dissertation on Katherine Villiers, the Duchess of Buckingham (d. 1649).

Monica Wang


Monica is a second year BA/BFA student majoring in Art History. She is interested in the intersection of craft and fine art.

Aviva van den Heever

Vice President

Aviva is a fourth-year student studying a BA/BFA (Hons.) degree. She specialises in contemporary and modern art alongside art history. Aviva is also interested in art therapy and the benefits of art practice.

Toshiko Frederiksens


Toshi is a first year BA student majoring in Art History and Gender Studies.

Anneka Scholtz

Social Media Representative

Anneka is a second year BA student majoring in Art History and Psychology. She is particularly interested in modern and contemporary art.

Petra Bogle

General Representative

Petra is a third-year Law/Arts student. She likes the work of Mark Rothko and Jan van Eyck.

Ahmed Alassafi

General Representative

Ahmed is a third year BA/LLB student majoring in French. He is particularly passionate about classical music and art.

Alanna O'Riley

General Representative

Alanna is a third-year BA/BComm student majoring in Art History, Marketing and Management. Her favourite artistic movements are Impressionism, Surrealism and Abstraction.

Emelie Harrison

General Representative

Emelie is a first year Law/Arts student majoring in Art History and Philosophy. She is interested in photography, modern and contemporary art.

Kate Harris

General Representative

Kate is a second year BA student majoring in Art History and Anthropology. She is passionate about clothing and textile history.

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Art History Courses

238/338 Maori Art History: Mana Taonga

July 28, 2017

236/336 Artists and Patrons in Renaissance Italy

July 28, 2017

233/333 The Art of Gender Politics

July 28, 2017

231/331 Framing the Viewer: 20th Century Art

July 28, 2017

230/332 Art Crime

July 28, 2017

224/324 Power and Piety: The Baroque

July 28, 2017

222/322 Radical Transformations: Modern Art 1875-1950

July 28, 2017

214/314 Art and New Zealand: Pasts and Presents

July 28, 2017

204/334 Ways of Seeing Contemporary Art

July 28, 2017

203/303 Northern European Art 1400-1600

July 28, 2017

202/302 Crisis and Change: Mid 19th Century Art in France and Britain

July 28, 2017

201: Art and Revolution 1750-1850

July 24, 2017

115: Global Art Histories

July 24, 2017

114/114G: Understanding Art from Da Vinci to Warhol

July 24, 2017


Art and Auckland

There are lots of things for art lovers to do in Auckland, here’s a map to get you started

Books, Articles & Podcasts

How To Look At a Painting (Justin Paton)

An excellent introduction to how to engage with (and criticise) art by an internationally-renowned NZ curator.

Early Modern Courts

This blog focuses on the political value of female agency and patronage and covers early modern portraiture, beauty practices, jewellery and apparel, collecting, architecture and garden design.

The Pantograph Punch

A great resource for all things art and culture in NZ society.

Museum Podcasts

Podcasts by museums. For industry specific listening, click here.


The School of Life: History of Art